To meet the Middle-level Manpower Development of the Oil and Gas Sector in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region in line with Industry needs, community aspirations as well as forging partnerships with world class institutions.


To be recognized as the Leading institution in the Middle-level manpower Training and developments for the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa.


The Philosophy behind the establishment of the Polytechnic was both revolutionary and evolutionary, and was to the training and development of Local technically skilled and practically grounded graduates for the lOCs (International Oil Companies) and auxiliary/ancillary Industries in Bonny in particular and Nigeria In general: underpinning with philosophical and theoretical concepts given that this is a technology based institution. In the light of the above, the Polytechnic focuses on providing her students with internationally standardized broad—based knowledge of practical oriented programmes in technical/vocational disciplines, business education and relevant sciences upon which they may build (or change) careers, pursue further educational goals, and contribute as global citizens and workers to the development of the Society.

The Polytechnic is committed to fostering the worth and development of the individual to be self-reliant and an agent for the domestication of the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria. The institution is committed to developing and maintaining a flexible curriculum in a sustainable manner which can adjust to suit any possible socio- economic changes in the Society, as well as industry needs, business and other professional developments. The Polytechnic is also committed to providing an environment that encourages and recognizes creativity, innovation and healthy competition among her students within and across disciplines .and also emphasizes the responsibilities and dynamic interplay between the teacher and learner, as joint stakeholders in the educational process.

The Polytechnic is committed to deliver courses that are interdisciplinary for both general and specialized programmes. The Polytechnic is committed to deliver innovative programmes with a focus on creating/cultivating the next generation of emerging technologists. The Polytechnic is committed to creating an integrated unique learning experience with strong industry support/collaboration.